Copyright & Angel Policy

All images sold on this website are copyright of Goonergirl-Crafting Heaven
I welcome card makers, scrapbookers and other crafters who would like to use my digi images in their own hand made crafted projects that they produce to sell. Therefore, we give permission in the form of a limited license to use any of Christines Digi Adventure images for the purpose of creating hand made individual craftworks for sale, under the following criteria:
Mass production of any form is NOT allowed under this agreement and would require a separate license to be agreed upon with the owner.
Each craftwork created for sale must be personally and individually hand made and coloured by the selling artist as part of a complete greeting card or inidividual craft project and may not be reproduced or copied in any form by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying or scanning. Mass production, assembly-line construction, production by workers for hire, or syndication of craftwork for sale is strictly prohibited. You may NOT sell my digi images  in stamp swaps or include in CD's for sale.

I are happy for you to use my images for magazine work and competition entries,store displays and demonstration samples.
All Christines Digi Adventure  images are copyrighted, which means that they may not be copied without permission.
The images on my site are NOT permitted to be sold and all sales of my images should be reported to me at

Digital stamps are for end user only and are priced accordingly, no sharing, storing online, selling or printing for sale. Finished hand made greeting cards or individual craft project featuring my digital images are allowed.
If you wish to sell anything other than a complete finished card or individual craft project you may enquire as to the cost of a commercial licence by contacting me on the above email  stating your intended use and projected quantity.