Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Birthday Facts for the year I was Born......

No I am not a sad person who has taken time to look on the internet for these facts, they were on a card I received

            Famous people who were also born in 1951
           Kevin Whately  Selena Scott   Robin Williams Phil Collins Richard Thomas
         In 1951 The Shopping
         Petrol                                     3s 4d gallon
                                                      (3.5p litre)
        1lb sirloin steak                       2s 6d ( 12.5p)
        Large white loaf                      6d (2.5p)
       Three bedroom
        semi-detached house              £1,450
        Cinema ticket                         1s 6d ( 7.5p)
        Pint of beer                            1s 3d ( 6.25p)
        1lb Nescafe                           9s 0d (45p)
     Average weekly wage for full time workers:
          Men: £8.6.0d (£8.30)
          Women £4 9s 10d (£4.49) 
                   Keeping you entertained in 1951
           The Archers and The Goon Show
           Top Songs Hello Young Lovers
                            Getting to know you
           Oscar Winners An American in Paris
              Humphrey Bogart and Vivien Leigh
           First publication of The Caine Mutiny
           The Day of the Triffids The Dam Busters
            and The Cruel Sea.
            Dennis the Menace arrived
        The Headlines in 1951
         New arrivals Zebra Crossings, Ford Consul
             GCE O and A levels
             Burgess and Maclean defected to the Soviet Union
             Old age pensions were changed to 60 yrs ( woman)
             and 65 yrs (men)
      There are more but do not want to bore you all to much
 And of course it was also a special year because it was the year I was born LOL
 Has this bought memories back to you let me know.


  1. ooo yes very interesting ... but I am one whole year older than you lol ... petrol 3s per gallon wow ...
    happy crafting Sandy xx

  2. My brother is 1951 baby so is celebrating in May. Must try and incorporate some of this into his card.
    Hope you had a good day.
    Take care
    x Tricia


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