Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I have pondered over this since the challenge which started last Saturday on Less is More and was about to give up on this week`s challenge due to not having many butterfly stamps or images and having used the ones that I do have many times before. Yesterday I went into my cross stitch box and found an image for... yes you have guessed it... a Butterfly, so out came my needle and thread and away I went and here is what I have come up with.

I have added nothing but a peeloff just to frame the image, not sure if anything else is needed, but I am sure all you wonderful crafters out there will soon tell me.
I would also like to enter this into

Thank you all for taking a peek and your comments are always appreciated.

Chris xx


  1. You certainly don't need anything else, I say.
    you have done some intricate needlework there
    Super job!
    thank you Chris
    Diva LIM mandi
    Less is More

  2. Lovely cross stitch butterfly! Valerie

  3. Strike a light SPEEDY!, this is smashing


  4. It's just perfect as it is - shows off the stitching with nothing to distract :-)

  5. It's stitched beautifully, a lovely card. Jo x

  6. Woah, I'm awe struck, fantastic needlework, I envy anyone who can just get they're needles out and come up with something as wonderful as this, beautiful, absolutely love it:0) xxx

  7. Waw, what a great work!

  8. Fabulous, I love blackwork
    Beryl x

  9. Oh what fab work Chrissie, you are soooooo clever, love it :O) Viv xx

  10. Wow Chris, this is fabulous and so beautifully stitched. Love it!
    Thank you for popping by, and Following - I do hope you will enter my little bit of Blog Candy - (the link is at the top of my sidebar).
    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my LIM card. Unfortunately the plastic had curled round on itself so badly that it was already marked before I pressed it with the acrylic block. This was my second attempt,(the first one was much worse!!).I just didn't have the heart to colour a third butterfly!!

    Hugs, Sylvia xxx

  11. Fabulous cross stitch card,it's beautiful.
    Wendy xx

  12. My goodness you must be fast with a needle! What a lovely card and is brill as is. x

  13. WOW! Very creative, Chris!! I use to cross-stitch, but haven't touched it in years....never would have thought to do this! VERY unique...and I love it!!

    my card is HERE

  14. This is so gorgeous Chris, you are so clever!
    Yay blogger is letting me leave comments again.
    Hugs Hazel xx

  15. Anonymous29 May, 2011

    Beautiful blackwork ... before scrapping took over my life, I was an avid cross stitcher ... :)

    Lovely work!

  16. very pretty.
    kathleen mc x


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