Saturday, 22 October 2011

Had a fabulous day......

As you may have seen by the post below I went to see All the Fun of the Fair today and it was brilliant. We thought we would be late for the start as we could not find a parking place in the City and by this time it was 14:05 and the show starts at 14:30. We ended up having to park quite far away so it was a quick scramble to walk/run and of course fool that I am I just happen to have a new pair of shoes on so feet (doh) were quite sore by the time we got there with only 5 mins to spare to be seated and boy was it hot in there.
 David was fabulous as always, as were the cast and WOW what an ending to the show it was outstanding,shame it is the last night tonight before they move on otherwise I would be there again. As we were walking out of the theatre I realised my feet had swelled a bit with the heat inside so my shoes were very tight and very painful. So it was a case of a very slow walk back to the car.
 On the way we decided to get some chips as we were both hungry, it took me back a few years to be walking through the streets of Norwich with a tray of chips in my hand (memories) lol,boy they were goodand they made me forget the  pain of my shoes, well we got back to the car Phew, arrived back at home and my shoes slipped partly off my feet and when I tried to get out of the card they slipped off completely and when I looked down 2 massive blisters on my heels one had burst (yuck), ended up hobbling to the front door, such bliss to be able to get my shoes off once indoors.
All I can say is.... the blisters were worth getting for such a WONDERFUL show.


  1. So pleased you enjoyed the show Chris,it's such a fantastic show,how could it not be with David there....yes definitely worth getting blisters for...
    Wendy xx

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. Lee xx

  3. So glad you enjoyed the show Chrissie, I hope your poor feet are feeling better this morning! I see that you are like me, so obsessed with card making that when we type in the word car it automatically gets a d on the end :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Lucky you to see that show. Ive seen David so many times in the past, but not in a musical. Glad you had a good time, im so jealous. xx


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