Sunday, 11 January 2015

Crimbo cards......

Hello to all my followers and friends.
I have been very bad in updating my blog over the last few months, that has been due to me being ill and having no inclination, interest or stamina to even come on the computer. It got that bad I seriously thought about selling everything.
So I decided to think about it ....... and yes I am staying as a crafter :),
I did manage to make a few Christmas cards before throat infection struck me down then I get a chest infection on top of that, thankfully that has cleared up but throat is still playing up so I am waiting for a referral to hospital and I do have my down days.
I have also been very lazy in visiting all your blogs for which I apologise now but hope you understand, I will try better. 
Anyway that's enough of me waffling on here are the cards I did manage to make, thought it better to do one post for all of them otherwise I will still be posting them next month lol.







  1. Beautiful creations, sorry to hear you've been poorly, hope things improve soon x

  2. What a lovely set of cards; I'm glad you haven't given up card making.
    Hope you feel better really soon xx

  3. Hi Chris , i know exactly how you feel i've just got back into my crafting again after a break due to my mum been in and out of hospital since October.. , anyway after a long hard think i decided to continue with my crafting and i'm quite enjoying it again..... hope things improve soon ...take care

    Hugs Lorna xx


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