Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sorry not been about.....

You know what its like when you don`t do the h.......k for a couple of days because you are enjoying yourself doing to much crafting,then it finally catches up with you when you can write your name in the dust, so have been very busy and spring cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. I never realised how much junk I had in the cupboards.
Have started the living room, curtains washed, windows cleaned Oh I hate that job :O(  cobwebs removed LOL. Then I decided it was about time I came on to see what was happening and give you all an update, so now just the hoovering and dusting to do and back to crafting after that so look out for new cards soon.
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Take care and hope you all had a better weekend than me :O)


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  1. Well done on the sound just like me lol :O) Vibv x


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