Sunday, 19 February 2012

Off the Crafty Track......

Hubby bought me a new toy (Halagon Oven) this weekend and I just love it. My first try this morning was scones.... which were delish. Then in went the chicken and I have to say boy it was scrumptious not dried out at all forgot to take piccie of it so you will all have to trust me LOL, so of course I had to try doing the roast potatoes in it too. I think my main oven could become redundant lol.

He has also bought me the Craft Artist CD`s and Sheena`s Paint Fusion CD.
Looking forward to them coming.

Chris xx


  1. Oooh I have been looking at getting one of these for a while, the food looks so succulent! Glad you are liking yours! Love Jayne. x x
    P.s would love Sheena's c.d too! x x

  2. I've been after one of these for a may just have tempted me ;)
    Kerry x

  3. I was thinking of getting one once upon a time, then I decided not to because I paid a lot for my new cooker last year with double oven and don't want it to become redundant :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. My inlaw got one and she didn,t like it, but I will tell her what you said. You have a good hubby.xxxx

  5. Oooh that looks so inviting - I love my slow cooker because you can chuck anything in without a lot of fuss... but you can't actually watch it cooking like you can with one of these! Thanks for commenting on my Mouse card. Mx

  6. Sounds like it will make your life easier :D

  7. Think they look good , they seem to cook anything xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I have one as well only used it once though,no ifo with it as son got it for me xx

  9. Oooh I want one of these too( I think), keep us informed how you get on with it, can't decide if I need one or not yet :) Viv xx


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