Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blog Award..

I have not been on very much this week, do to trying to tidy my craftroom up and other things, so when I finally came on and to find out that I have been given the:-

by 4 wonderful crafters in a matter of days it blew me away. So I would like to send a
big Thank you to:-

MissyG of Missy  G Designs
 Vee of Vee Cassidy 
Tina of Tina Janes Cards
 Jo of Whimsical Whisper Designs
Glenda of  Gilbyscorner

The idea of the Liebster Blog award is to spread the love from one small blog ( under 200 followers) to other small blogs that inspire you. This helps to spread knowledge and readership.
To accept the award, you must:
1) Link back to the person who gave it and thankthem for thinking of you.               

2) Post the award on your blog.                                                                       

3) Give to 5 bloggers who you appreciate and value                                             

4) Leave a comment on the blogs of the 5 people you have chosen to let them know

"Liebster" in German means "dearest", so to carry on the Liebster tradition,
 I am going to pass the award to 5 people whose blogs have been an inspiration to me and my crafting.

Because I have been given this by 4 crafters I am going to award this to 8 people
and these crafters are in no particular order:-
                        Lea of                                                         
                    Lesley of                                    

Chris xxx



  1. Congratulations Chris and to all those whom you are giving this fabulous award.

    Linda xxx

  2. Well done ladies xx

  3. Awww...thanks Chris. I've now been awarded it three times so you're still beating me, lol.

    Thank you so much for thinking of me.

  4. Thanks so much Chris! We are just preparing for our journey North!! Lea xx

  5. Thank you for your kindness - appreciated

  6. Congratulations Chris, well done, I am very pleased for you and congratulations to all of the fabby ladies nominated too
    Lindsay xx

  7. Dear Chris
    Well done on being awarded four liebsters, it could not happen to a more deserving person. I was just so glad to catch you before you reached 200 as you are nearly there. Congratulations to you and the others you selected. Vee xx


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