Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Versatile blog award....

How lucky am this is The first of 2 awards I have been given. No one is the Versatile Award From Pauline,  Marie, and Bernie.

You can read Pauline`s blog here and Marie`s blog here, and Bernie`s here
Thank you ladies very much.

My nominations are:- in no particular order

  1. Thank the person/s who gave you the award and to add a link to their blog/s
  2. Select 15 blogs that you have just discovered or follow regularly.
  3.  I have broken the rules here as it used to be 7 back when I got my first one so forgive me.
  4. Tell them they have been nominated.
  5. And tell 7 things about yourself
Here are the seven things about myself
  1. My favourite animals are Elephants and Westies
  2. I am an ardent fan of Arsenal football Club
  3.  Before I retired I was a Bereavement Officer for the local council a job I loved
  4. I have one son
  5. Happily married to the most wonderful man in the world
  6. I am 61 years young
  7. I love taking photographs but not doing it enough as I should


  1. Congratulations,Chris xx

  2. Thank you for the award Chris, I really do appreciate it but honestly I just don't have enough time to forward it on to so many crafters. A huge thank you anyway. sue x

  3. Congrats hun, very well deserved and thank you =)
    Lindsay xx


Thank you all for taking the time and popping by and leaving comments
I appreciate each and everyone xx